The Sixth Sense Spas

The Sixth Sense Spas PAs will receive a complimentary treatment from award-winning Six Senses Spas when booking a private jet charter through Chapman Freeborn, the World largest aircraft charter broker. Once Chapman Freeborn charter experts have arranged the boss executive flight itinerary, PAs will Leer Mas →

Why hotel design directly affects the prices you can charge

Why hotel design directly affects the prices you can charge Martin Soler told me something that caught my attention In my opinion, hotel design is worth at least 40 percent of a propertys marketing value. As he is someone who manages the marketing for some of the trendiest hotels in Leer Mas →

Take advantage of our Spa

Take advantage of our Spa You are invited to take advantage of Hotel Spa, and feel the goodness – discover yourself. Have that special massage and feel special. Contemporary art paintings are the true representatives of the modern art. Contemporary artists are creating the contemporary Leer Mas →

The 5 Star Experience is here

The 5 Star Experience is here Good news for you all and for us as well. Our Hotel is now 5 star hotel. Yes, you read it right. Now theres definitely a reason to visit us. Art theft is an ancient and complicated crime. When you Leer Mas →

The Beautiful Rooms

The Beautiful Rooms Famous Paintings have been greatly admired in art history. Famous art paintings are invaluable and of great historic importance. Famous artists have been successful in creating famous artwork paintings. Canvas oil paintings make the most the popular form of the Leer Mas →

Hotel Designing that works

Hotel Designing that works I think what really matters is designing something which the majority of the public would be happy paying to stay in. I would never stay in an old fashioned hotel out of choice, I prefer modern stylish hotels. I think Leer Mas →

Oferta especial

Niños Menores De 10 Años solo Pagan El Seguro Hotelero (En Habitación Compartida Con Sus Padres O Familiar, Se Debe Presentar Documento De Identidad)


El hotel es uno de los mejores que he visitado! Gracias por hacer mi súper estancia increíble. Yo sin duda recomendaría chicos.

- Javier Forero

Mi estancia fue agradable y muy relajante y el personal era muy acogedor. Gracias por todo.

- Carlos Garcia

Muy bonito hotel y una estancia muy agradable. Yo ciertamente os visitará de nuevo.

- MArcela Santana

Muy agradable la piscina, pase buenos momento ahi con mi familia

- Lucia Perez

Gracias por su grato servicio, volveremos

- Luis Carlos Homer

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